What Impact Does Indoor Air Quality Have On Your Health? (Clone)

Posted by Tim Willis on May 12, 2020 11:37:58 AM

Plant in glass container of water

Mold, mildew, bacteria, pollen, and dust – oh my! When left unchecked, these allergens can negatively impact the health and comfort of your family.

Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have revealed that the average U.S. home contains more pollutants than the air outside. Gross.

But why?

Since 1970, homes have been constructed tighter in order to conserve energy, but in many cases, this has compromised the ventilation – and the indoor air quality (IAQ).

Pollutants and allergens can get trapped inside your home, directly affecting your health and comfort. Toxic mold, asbestos, and carbon monoxide are just a few of the toxins that are prevalent in modern homes today. That’s not even taking into account the skin cells, hair, animal feces (yes, really), and dust getting trapped in the vents as well.

dirty and clean air duct

circular dirty and clean air duct

Before & After

Contact a professional to combat household allergens and prevent their growth. By utilizing whole-house air cleaners, source removal duct cleaning, and whole-house humidity control systems, having a professional duct cleaning provides the tools and knowledge to give you a healthy environment for your home.

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