Water Filters in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

What to Expect from Water Filters

Does the water in your home have a bad taste? Maybe you live in an area where your water supply is filled with minerals? You could be dealing with hard water. While not harmful to your health, the effects of hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing and household. It can also have a bad taste and smell. Hard water contains a high amount of minerals that can leave behind a plaque-like residue.

This residue can stain faucets, dishes, tubs – and adversely affect skin, hair, and clothing. In fact, hard water can impact everything in your home that comes into contact with water. Sometimes your drinking water simply has a bad taste due to chlorine or other chemicals that are in your city’s water supply. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions that can help completely remove the contaminants that cause hard water or an unpleasant taste (sometimes both). The professionals at Master Services can help assess your hard water problem and offer the ideal water softener products for your home.


Water filters can help with

  • Unpleasant Drinking Water
  • Stained Glasses and Dishes
  • Compromised Appliances
  • Constant Clogging of Plumbing
  • Residue on Faucets, Sinks, and Tubs


The plumbing experts at Master Services have been helping our Southeast Wisconsin neighbors with water filter solutions for over 20 years. The water filter units that we carry are available in a variety of different design and size options. Our brand name filters include point of use (POU) and whole-house designs. POU filters are installed at individual fixtures and provide clean water for one water source. Whole-house filters are connected to your main water source and provide clean water to the entire home. In addition to water filters, we also carry convenient hybrid designs that both filter and soften the water; ensuring both clean tasting and mineral-free water.