Garbage Disposal Services in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

What to Expect from Garbage Disposal Replacement & Repair

Modern households have come to rely on garbage disposals. Sometimes referred to as “disposers” or “waste disposal units”, they are an important part of a busy, functioning kitchen. Garbage disposals help ensure food waste doesn’t clog or harm a plumbing system in any way. However, the name “garbage disposal” is a bit of a misnomer as it is definitely not a trash receptacle. The kinds of waste that it can handle is also limited, which can often lead to problems when homeowners neglect this fact. A high percentage of our calls involve the repair or service of garbage disposal. Most of the problems could easily be avoided if homeowners were more careful with their use. Do you need installation, repair, or maintenance for garbage disposal? Our professional plumbers can help with all your disposal needs.


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Master Services understands the inconvenience of garbage disposal that isn’t working. It’s a device that most households use every day, but they rarely consider how often – until they can’t use it. Whether you need a new model or simply need your current one repaired, our experts can assist with any service request. Regardless of the brand or model, Master Services can quickly and efficiently install, repair, or replace any garbage disposal. Scheduling an appointment with us means getting a certified plumber with experience in the disposal service. Our trusted technicians value your time; guaranteeing the work will be completed in a timely manner and to your complete satisfaction.