Save energy this spring with Focus on Energy. Smart energy upgrades, such as an ENERGY STAR ® certified A/C and proper insulation, could save you money by significantly reducing the energy you use while maintaining the comfort of your home.

Focus on Energy offers rebates to bring down the cost of home energy efficiency upgrades.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Energy Efficiency

Add these simple steps to your spring-cleaning checklist to make your clean home is as energy efficient as possible:

  1. Give your A/C a tune-up. Do not forget to clean or replace the filters in your heating and air conditioning system. You can also improve air quality by changing your air filters.
  2. Keep the heat out. Inspect your windows for dirt that may have collected over time. Proper air sealing and insulation installation helps to save energy in warmer months and keep the cool air inside.
  3. Check your ceiling fan. While dusting off your ceiling fan, locate the switch to adjust the direction of the ceiling. Flipping the switch to redirect your fan counter-clockwise will circulate much-needed cool air in the summer.
  4. Save loads when doing the dishes. Try using your dishwasher during cooler hours of the day. Washing with full loads and turning off heated dry or washing your dishes by hand in cold water can help you consume less energy.

A close inspection from a trusted source is the first step to ensuring sure your cooling system is well-maintained. Contact one of our participating Trade Ally contractors to assess your cooling system today.

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Together we’re helping Wisconsin thrive, home by energy-efficient home. Focus on Energy offers cash rebates for insulation and air sealing, heating and cooling equipment, renewable energy solutions, and even simple changes like insulation and water-saving products.

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