The Overlooked ‘V’ in HVAC

Posted by Keith Nissen on Feb 24, 2020 6:12:05 PM

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HVAC is a common acronym, but does anyone really know what the ‘V’ stands for? Heating is important. Air conditioning is a must. But so is the ventilation in a home.

It is just as important to tune-up the ductwork in a home as it is to service the furnace before the cold winter months, or the air conditioning before the scorching summer.

Tight modern homebuilding

With modern advances, windows are more airtight. Doors have weather stripping to prevent outside air from coming in. When it is cold, who opens windows? This means a home goes months without any fresh air.

When cleaning, one may wipe down the vent covers, but that gets one thinking… What is beyond the surface?

Think about vacuuming a living room, and what is found in the bag or canister after. Defiantly dust, no way to get around that. Any pets? Add some fur and dander. What about the condensation that gets trapped in the summer? Sprinkle in a possibility of mold and mildew. Summer breezes bring allergens. Think pollen, ragweed, grass.

All these build up beyond the vents inside the ductwork in a home. (Our next article goes into detail on duct nasties.)

Duct cleaning is a thing

What goes into duct cleaning? A. Lot. It isn’t something a homeowner should try to tackle.

There’s the easy-to-reach, easy-to-see part: Cleaning vent covers. Every single one of them. Inside and out.

Beyond that, you’re in the pro territory: Cleaning the source of the air supply. The blower, coils, condensation pans, return air supply, everything.

Machine cleaning the ducts and vacuuming them out from end-to-end is crucial to getting all the dust, dander, allergens, and residue you don’t want to think about, out.

Cleaning the ductwork has many benefits for a home and its occupants. These include: limiting allergens, preventing mold and mildew growth, creating more even airflow throughout a home, and even helping keep the airflow through the duct’s quieter. It also improves the efficiency of the system, likely saving you money.

HVAC equipment can be expensive. Having a yearly ductwork cleaning can even prolong the life of the system. Contact Master Services for all your often-overlooked ventilation needs.

Marcin Ratajewski image, used with permission.