The Perfect Fit: A Cinderella Story for Your Furnace Replacement

Posted by Thomas McGrath on Jan 15, 2019 9:37:00 AM

Thomas McGrath

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Investigating a new HVAC system? The good news is you have options. In fact, there are over 17,000 heating and cooling options out there. Yikes.

Overwhelming? Yes.

Boring? Maybe.

So just go with whatever’s cheapest? No.

Consider the following when investigating what is best for you. Like Cinderella’s slipper, there is one perfect system out there to fit your home. Your heating and cooling technician isn’t a fairy godmother, but they can certainly make sure your home is humming beautifully for years, even after midnight.


Size Matters

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Having a system that is too big or too small will cause detrimental wear and tear on your equipment. It will cycle on and off more frequently, and to be frank, you could be putting a whole lot of money into a brand-new investment that works worse than your old one.

Yes, you can absolutely waste energy and cause costly damage by having the wrong size system put in. Doesn’t bother you yet? You’re also looking at a higher energy bill, unpredictable temperatures throughout your home, and things will get really loud with the constant start and stop of the system attempting to heat-or cool-your home.

Most people are looking for efficiency, comfort, low maintenance, and energy savings when investing in a new system. You can get all that if you choose a professional who takes the time to do the proper calculations that, believe it or not, involve the outside climate, your house size, and design and construction of your home.


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Duct Modifications

Cindy’s carriage may have had 50-inch rims, but we’re not talking about those kinds of mods. The good news: while replacing your system, you probably don’t need all new ductwork. Right near your furnace is an area that needs to match perfectly with your duct system and this is where we’re talking about having those modifications made. Proper Installation and modifications to your ducts should be done by someone who is licensed and certified to do the work, especially if you want to maintain any warranties or guarantees from the manufacturer and for insurance purposes.


Higher Efficiencies

Imagine a gift box. It has four sides, all equal. You got this box specifically because it holds your gift perfectly. You don’t have to sit on the top of the box to get it closed and you don’t have to fill it up with all those packing peanuts so the gift doesn’t bounce around. But…this perfect size costs a little bit more. But..if you take the corners off the box, it makes the gift box lighter, and cheaper to mail. But…by cutting off the corners, you no longer have a box.

You’re not able to use it the way you originally intended, it certainly can’t guarantee that it can get form the post office to its destination without breaking, or at the very least getting tossed around and damaged. And when it’s being delivered, nobody is quite sure how to stack it with the other gifts or how to repair any damaged openings along the way, the deliverer needs other materials than they have on hand to try and get it to rights.


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Now consider your furnace (or heat pump): you’ve found the exact fit for your home, and you put in a lot of things you want from your long list of priorities, but it isn’t within your budget. Now any company could make that work for your budget by switching out the system for something with a different price tag and leaving other essential elements out. But when doing that, your system is no longer the system you were promised. You don’t get the efficiencies. You don’t get the longevity. And you can’t maintain the system with any of the typical solutions to typical maintenance fixes.

You want to find the right furnace with the right features that will fit within your budget in order to keep the quality and integrity without cutting the corners.  You’re going to have a longer life with your furnace; it’s going to keep you comfortable, and you’re going to keep your efficiencies high.

While there is no magic wand, you can get the perfect fit of the furnace for your home by figuring out the right size of the system and identifying what installation or modifications you need to fit the specific goals of your system and budget.

When you’re investing in the right size and the right type of system for your home, you’re likely going to see an energy savings of at least 25%. Bipitty, bitty, boo.