“HVAC Companies Near Me”: 5 Warning Signs You Chose Wrong

Posted by Jack Schweder on Mar 12, 2019 11:42:00 AM

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Let me give you two scenarios:

You’re curling up on the couch with your fleece for a Netflix marathon…and the temperature is steadily dropping and giving a new meaning to “Netflix and chill”.

It’s prime summer birthday party time with the extended family around your kitchen table…and the ice cream cake-and Aunt Francie’s face-are melting.

Who do you call in a pinch to fix your AC and furnace? Who can you trust? Not all contractors have your interests at the top of their minds, and some can cause problems that you may never have thought of. So before you, Google “HVAC companies near me”, know what to look out for when choosing a qualified service company.


The “Drive-By Technician”

Be leery of a technician who is too “efficient”. Chances are, you’ll need them to come right back because their quick and dirty fix didn’t do the job properly the first time. Know the caliber of materials the company uses (bargain cheap or long-lasting quality). Also, know the caliber of the technicians, are they regularly trained in the proper techniques to ensure you receive the best job the first time? Did they walk you through all the work they did and take time for your to ask questions?


The “Install and Run” Company

Some heating and cooling companies are formed by either unqualified or less than ethical people. They’ll slap a new furnace or a/c in a home but won’t worry about the workmanship. Good companies will not only do quality work, they’ll call you after the job is done to see if your satisfied and if there is anything else they can do to meet your home’s needs. A company that cares about your satisfaction, is a company that is doing it right. Oh and don’t forget to ask if the technicians are drug tests and background checked.


The “Long Engagement” Company

A lot of technicians may say they’ll be in and out of your home, but the work seems to drag on for days (and so do their hourly rates). Do your research and find a company that will arrive at your home when promised AND who stays long enough to do the best possible job. You shouldn’t have to see them again until your regular maintenance tune-up. A typical AC or furnace replacement shouldn’t take more than one day of work.


The “Trashy” Company

Many technicians leave packaging around your house, drop extra screws or supplies, and drag their muddy shoes into your home. When booking an appointment don’t be afraid to ask: does the company lay out work rugs? Do the technicians wear shoe covers? What if some of your property is damaged during an install? A good technician should treat your home as if it were their own. They don’t leave behind any trash, just an outstanding job.


The “Concrete Guarantee” Company

You may have run into this before: a company offers a “concrete guarantee” … that as soon as their truck leaves your concrete driveway, their guarantee expires. A reputable company will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all your work. You’re never left with equipment that doesn’t operate properly and you’re never second-guessing if they will return your call-or return to your home to make things right.

When researching who to use-take a look at the company’s reviews-are there a lot, and are they quality? What’s their average rating and what do clients say about them? Does their website look circa 1990 or is it easy to navigate and mobile-friendly? What kind of warranties and guarantees do they provide?

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