3 Options for a Fresh Garbage Disposal

Posted by Dan Wenger on May 14, 2019 2:37:00 PM

Dan Wenger

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Keep the Stink Out of the Sink

Garbage disposals work hard. They catch and churn all the stray bits and pieces we don’t even want to touch while washing the dishes. We know what goes down there, so it’s no surprise that the grime builds up and the bacteria concocts some awful odors.

Besides running the garbage disposal even after it’s chewed up everything that went down, how else can you “flush” it out and keep the kitchen fresh?

Here are a couple tried and true tricks-and a couple of ideas of what could be bringing the stank beyond just your garbage disposal.

ice cubes

Ice Cubes & Kosher Salt

Originally seen HERE as some great advice from Bob Vila.

Why we like this one: It’s natural, and we will always have these two ingredients on hand.

Bonus-not on the K-Cup bandwagon, and still using an old school coffee pot? Easily clean it out by plopping in a few ice cubes with the salt into the empty pot and swirl away! All that old residue will come right off. Just rinse and dry.


white powder in glass container

Baking Soda & Vinegar

Yes, sodium bicarbonate is where it’s at. Originally seen from fellow expert plumbers at Pippin Brothers in OK, check out the quick read HERE for step by step details.

Why we like this one: It reminds us of the 5th-grade science fair, AND really cleans out the disposal. No harsh chemicals here, just natural science.

Bonus-keep a partially open box of baking soda in your fridge, behind couches, or in the laundry room to help keep odors out of the air-naturally. 



cut and whole lemons

Lemon Peels

Only organic and non-fibrous items should be going down your garbage disposal (detailed list of no-no’s HERE) but lemon peels make the cut.

Why we like this one: It is literally lemony fresh. No spray, candles, wax melts, or essential oils needed.


Still Not Doing It For You?

Our professional team of plumbers is ready to help you through your sinks and stinks. If your problem persists, it could actually be a septic back-up or even your dishwasher. Give us a call.