What Does It Mean To Be Energy Efficient?

Generating electricity accounts for about 40% of U.S. energy use, according to the EPA. Therefore, in order to use electricity more efficiently, we need to reduce the overall amount of fuel needed to generate the electricity as well as the amount of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutions that are produced as a result.

Energy efficiency is also about saving money right at home. And for homeowners, that means:

• Seal air leaks. In winter, keep your warm air inside instead of letting it escape through cracks in windows, walls or ducts. Steps include adding insulation to ceilings, the attic and walls, as well as using caulking or weather stripping on doors and windows. Sealing air ducts is another good step to take. Improvements that stop air leaks during the cold months also keep in the cool air inside during the hot months.

• Change your air filter regularly. Dirty air filters block air flow and then cause systems to have to work harder, which uses more energy.

• Install a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat that enables you to adjust settings based on actual activity at your home.

• Practice good habits. If you leave a room, turn off the light.

• Get your system tuned-up annually. Or if your system is aging, it may be time to consider a newer, more energy efficient model. We’ll be happy to give you our best recommendation. Just call.

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